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Welcome to NatashaTrenev.com, where you will find all of the information you need about probiotics and their role in your good health. Natasha Trenev is a world renowned expert in the field of probiotics. She brings her family’s 750-year history and knowledge of cultured products to you. Through this Web site, she will share her vast knowledge on health, enabling you to improve your well being and vitality by using high-quality probiotics.

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Listen to Natasha's radio interviews.Probiotics, lifestyle and optimal health are all linked in the journey for vigorous longevity. Natasha can help start you on your way. Click here to find out how you can increase your vitality and gain better health.

Watch Natasha's video lectures. Continue your education about probiotics with Natasha Trenev. Educational books are available for purchase. Find these here.
Watch Natasha's TV appearances here. Look here for helpful health information you can use that you won’t find on the Web. Natasha discusses up-to-date topics on health and nutrition. Click here for individual probiotic solutions to everyday health problems.