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TV Shows
The Power of Health™

Natasha Trenev and guests bring you a new level of understanding about what is going on inside. Natasha shares with you her vast knowledge of health, the human body and the vital role probiotics play in our lives. Click here to watch.

Radio Shows
The Power of Health™

Natasha and co-host Dr. Gene Steiner bring you vital health information on the air. Listen to the show and other syndicated radio health shows she appears on. You can learn the natural way to combat real health crisis. Click here to listen.

The Health and Wellness Marketplace TV Show

Watch The Health and Wellness Marketplace and learn how to combat daily pollutants, allergens, colds, flu and more. Natasha will share with you her insight into the way probiotics protect us and prevent illness. Click here to watch.

Web Seminars

Continue your education with informative webinars where you can watch and listen to Natasha lecture about the importance of probiotics for your optimal health. Listen to a webinar here.